Internet provider discontinues service in Haida Gwaii — and some people have no alternatives


The satellite that provides internet to Haida Gwaii has reached the end of its life, and while some residents can switch to another service provider, others are left with no options.


Alberta company looks at the science of award-winning beer

Craft beer

Back in the spring, craft brews in Alberta went head-to-head at the 2020 Alberta Beer Awards — one company took samples for a deeper look into makes an award-winning brew.


Hunting industry hit hard by COVID-19 pandemic gets relief via new Alberta wildlife regulations

mule deer

The Alberta government passed two temporary amendments to hunting regulations earlier this month in an effort to increase business for guides and outfitters, an industry that has struggled during the COVID-19 pandemic.


Car-sized asteroid makes closest pass to Earth ever recorded without collision

Car-sized asteroid makes closest pass to Earth ever recorded without collision

The space rock, detected by scientists only after the flyby, measured between three and six metres in length.


Strong quake in Philippines kills 1, damages houses, roads

Philippines Earthquake

A strong earthquake jolted the central Philippines on Tuesday morning, damaging homes, roads and bridges and killing at least one person and injuring several others.


Scientists on Arctic mission make unplanned detour to pole

Arctic Mission

A German icebreaker carrying scientists on a year-long international expedition in the High Arctic has reached the North Pole, after making an unplanned detour because of lighter-than-usual sea ice conditions.


B.C. Indigenous leaders call for emergency closure of Fraser River fishery, saying stocks have collapsed

BC Salmon Racism 20200816

First Nations groups in British Columbia are calling on the federal fisheries minister to issue an emergency order to close all sockeye fisheries on the Fraser River.


CRTC considers fining Iristel and Telus up to $1.2M each for ‘self-serving’ actions

Cell phone with laptop

The Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) is looking for feedback on whether it should impose fines on Iristel and Telus Communications Inc., after years of dispute between the two companies.


The heat of the night is when you can really feel climate change in Calgary

Harvest moonrise

Researchers say it’s one of the more tangible effects of climate change: Like the Arctic is warmer faster than the Equator, the nights in Calgary are heating up more than the days.


Researchers log 34 waterspouts in ‘outbreak’ over Lake Huron


The International Centre for Waterspout Research says waterspouts aren’t unusual – but there are a few reasons why people are seeing more right now.