Parachutist makes world’s 1st solar skydive


A parachutist completed the world’s first jump from a solar-powered aircraft on Tuesday after the plane soared to a height of 1,520 metres (nearly 5,000 ft) over western Switzerland, Swiss organizers said.


B.C. hotelier sues Facebook for $50M over ‘imposter account’

Myanmar Facebook

A Vancouver Island hotelier accused in connection with a U.S. Ponzi scheme is suing Facebook for $50 million over the existence of an “imposter” account set up in his likeness.


U.S. navy exercises will put further pressure on West Coast’s endangered killer whales, experts say

J pod

Conservationists say the endangered southern resident killer whales will be further affected if the navy is allowed to fire torpedoes, deploy sonar and detonate bombs at sea.


As school year nears, some warn Canada lagging behind on approving COVID-19 saliva tests

saliva test

Researchers and public health officials are calling for saliva-based COVID-19 tests in schools. But despite international efforts to make this option a reality, there’s still no word on when saliva-based testing will be allowed anywhere in Canada. 


Gwich’in, 12 other groups suing U.S. over leasing program for Arctic wildlife refuge

Arctic National Wildlife Refuge

In a press release Monday, several conservation groups say the U.S.’s leasing program for oil and gas development on the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge’s coastal plain is illegal.


Made-in-Canada COVID-19 vaccine effort slowed by manufacturing delay

Darryl Falzarano CL3 VIDO-InterVac

Despite long workdays and promising early results, researchers at VIDO-InterVac in Saskatoon say a lack of manufacturing capacity is slowing down their efforts at a made-in-Canada vaccine. That matters, given concerns over “vaccine nationalism,” which could prevent access to a product that’s not made at home.


Canadian Hurricane Centre predicts rough season ahead for Atlantic Canada

Tropical Weather

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration is predicting between 19 and 25 storms in the Atlantic Ocean this year.


Could life have started on Mars before coming to Earth? Possibly, new study suggests

Mars theoretical ocean

How life arose on Earth remains a mystery, though many hypotheses have been proposed. Now a new study by Japanese scientists has reinvigorated the discussion around panspermia: The idea that life may have reached Earth from Mars.


Smaller, younger salmon due to climate change and competition, new study says

Peter Westley

Salmon are returning to their spawning grounds smaller in size and younger, and researchers say it’s because they are spending fewer years in the ocean.