'What a lovely lady': Sophie Wessex in gorgeous £576 dress for heartbreaking BBC interview

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Using the power of technology to ensure milk safety

Since time immemorial, safeguarding food safety and hygiene, especially for perishable products such as milk has remained a challenge. Fortunately, the arrival of UHT treatment worked as a breakthrough technology in this case. UHT or Ultra High Temperature sterilises liquid food by heating them at a high temperature for a very short while, but which…

Food safety is everyone’s responsibility

Time and again we have been reminded of the dire condition of food safety in Bangladesh. Although positive steps are being taken and some praiseworthy initiatives are in place, we still have a long way to go in ensuring safe food for all. The important thing to understand is that it is a collective responsibility.…

A healthy tomorrow

Let's zero in on food safety! After all, it is World Food Safety Day today. And it is also a major issue to be dealt with in Bangladesh, as it is all across the world; during the pandemic, it is even more crucial. On this special occasion, Star Lifestyle brings you various info and insights…

Secret to Food Safety: The right processing and packaging

Concerns related to safe food processing, packaging and transport, while a constant area of monitoring and innovation, have come to the fore anew due to the Coronavirus pandemic that has gripped the world for over a year now. Food packaging is generally a sterile process anyway, as it requires the utmost care to stave off…