Juggle struggle

What seemed like an impossible job for the world, even a few decades ago, is now the reality for many women. The modern superwoman starts her day at 7AM sharp --some even earlier-- drops the kids to school, aces that meeting at work, calls during lunch to remind her mother-in-law about her medicines, works on…

Cheesy affairs

Serious cheese lovers will tell you that it is best to enjoy this creamy addictive versatile cheese on its own, but truth of the matter is that there is nothing wrong with changing things up a bit now then. Check out new ways to enjoy local cheese with these recipes. TOASTY PANEER SANDWICH Ingredients 1…

Realistic Resolutions

What really happens on 1st January is a massive headache from all the partying and screaming about, followed by forgetting what the heck you were babbling about doing starting that day. Aiming high is always appreciated, but aiming too high runs the risk of losing interest in the first few days when actually attempting it.…

I read before I eat

It started out of curiosity, but soon turned into a rule of my grocery shopping -- I read the nutrition labels on foods before buying them. Ten years ago, I did not care to decode Nutrition Facts labels. I would just pile up my shopping cart with whatever I wanted to eat -- bread, jam,…

Shuttle — A new ride in town

Transportation is one of the biggest issues the country faces, especially here in the capital where traffic has no mercy. For women it is harder finding the right vehicle given public transport is not always deemed safe. Shuttle is a new transport system in the city designed specifically for women, and within a very short…