Exhausted PSWs feel underpaid, lack of respect. One says they're seen as 'the cockroaches of health care'

Understaffing and burnout among personal support workers (PSWs) in the Hamilton area started well before the pandemic, but has been exacerbated by its demands. Many also feel there's a lack of respect for the profession.Personal support workers say their workplaces were plagued by understaffing and burnout before COVID-19, but the pandemic has made things worse.…

Demand for COVID-19 vaccines dropping in Canada — and some fear it could mean tossed doses

Canada's demand for COVID-19 vaccines is slowly dropping, experts say, and they warn those waiting to see whether cases spike before getting their jabs are wasting time the body needs to build sufficient immunity.A woman exits a COVID-19 vaccination site in Montreal on July 17. More and more Canadians are signing on to get their…

Online trolls force closure of pro-vaccine Ontario business website

A new website that was set up to provide Ontarians with a list of businesses with fully vaccinated staff or that require customers to show proof of vaccination has shut down, citing online attacks from a small contingent of anti-vaxxers.A team from Humber River Hospital administers the Moderna COVID-19 vaccine at St. Fidelis Parish church,…

80 per cent of new COVID-19 cases in Spain among unvaccinated people, health minister says

The vast majority of new COVID-19 cases in Spain in the past five weeks were detected among non-vaccinated people, Health Minister Carolina Darias said on Monday, as new infections rose by 27,286.Spanish citizens line up outside a vaccination clinic at the Triumphal Arch in Barcelona on July 7. Officials say the vast majority of new…

India's COVID-19 death toll could be 10 times the official count, research suggests

India's excess deaths during the COVID-19 pandemic were a staggering 10 times the official death toll, according to the most comprehensive research done to date.A woman leans against a stretcher holding her husband in the corridor of the emergency ward of Jawahar Lal Nehru Medical College and Hospital, during the COVID-19 pandemic in Bhagalpur, in…