Despite pandemic fears, it's game on for advertisers as Tokyo Olympics kick off

Masked athletes, empty venues, no fans: an Olympics like no other has launched in Tokyo but for Canadian advertisers, it's largely business as usual.Japanese automaker Toyota has decided to scrap all of its local Olympic-themed TV advertising because of public opinion about the Games in Japan. (Koji Sasahara/Associated Press)Masked athletes, empty venues, no fans: an…

To reach a peace deal, Taliban say Afghan president must go

The Taliban say they don't want to monopolize power, but they insist there won't be peace in Afghanistan until there is a new negotiated government in Kabul and President Ashraf Ghani is removed. In an interview with The Associated Press, Taliban spokesman, Suhail Shaheen, who is also a member of the group's negotiating team, laid…
rawhide traded-at-lower-prices-than-govt’s-fixed-rate

Rawhide traded at lower prices than govt's fixed rate

Rawhide is being traded at lower prices than the government's fixed rate. The government earlier fixed prices of salt-applied rawhide of cows at Tk 40-45 per square foot in Dhaka and Tk 33-37 outside Dhaka to ensure fair prices and avoid the recurrence of last year's situation when many threw away rawhide failing to recover even their cost.…

Incurring loss, cattle traders leaving Dhaka with animals

Mohammad Azgar Ali was excited when he came to Dhupkhola cattle market in Dhaka with his 16 bulls -- hoping to make good profit like last year. But that excitement dissipated as he had to incur loss when selling most of the animals and some remain unsold. "I've faced a loss of Tk 3 lakh…