Climate change to blame for 37% of heat deaths, study estimates


More than one-third of the world’s heat deaths each year are due directly to global warming, according to the latest study to calculate the human cost of climate change.


More than 800 residential school students died in Alberta — advocates say it’s time to find their graves

Residential School Children Vigil Calgary

When Jackie Bromley, 70, heard that the remains of 215 children had been found in B.C., she had flashbacks to her time at St. Mary’s Residential School on the Blood Reserve in southern Alberta. 


Grizzly that killed Alberta woman captured, will be euthanized

Grizzly bear

Alberta Fish and Wildlife says it has captured and will euthanize a grizzly that killed a woman near Water Valley last week.


High pollen levels to blame for worse allergy season, experts say

allergy sneeze pollen

Experts say higher than normal pollen levels have led to a sneezier allergy season in parts of Canada this year.


What you need to know about old growth trees in B.C. — and the threats facing them

Falling boundary tape old growth BC Timber Sales April 2019

Old-growth trees have long been an important part of British Columbia’s forestry sector. But the logging of these trees — some of which have stood for 800 years or more — often comes with criticism that their harvest harms B.C.’s biodiversity and ability to deal with climate change.


Electric cars are booming. But what are the environmental costs of all those batteries?


The EV surge comes with environmental trade-offs, but some Canadian upstarts are doing things differently.


Newly discovered glaciers on Mars may help humans settle on the Red Planet one day

Mars dust storm

Researchers from Western University in London, Ont., have found a unique subsurface ice feature in a location that would be optimal for future explorers of the Red Planet.


How Vancouver Aquarium otters took over a Twitch channel featuring video gamers live streaming from hot tubs

Wally meets Tanu

The live stream might not be what viewers are expecting when they head to the Pools, Hot Tubs and Beaches category on Twitch, but an otter trainer says it’s helping build a whole new wave of sea otter enthusiasts.


Why the Wuhan lab-leak origin theory of the COVID-19 virus is being taken more seriously


The Wuhan lab-leak theory of COVID-19 isn’t new, and no major evidence has suddenly appeared. What has changed is calls from scientists in the field, the Biden administration, and others to investigate it properly — because even the head of the World Health Organization says that hasn’t happened yet.


40% chance Earth will be hotter than Paris goal within 5 years, WMO forecasts

Climate Forecast

There’s a 40 per cent chance that the world will get so hot in the next five years that it will temporarily push past the temperature limit the Paris climate agreement is trying to prevent, meteorologists said.