Facebook’s action in Australia ‘proves’ the need for regulation, says Heritage Minister Steven Guilbeault

Guilbeault CRTC 20200130

Heritage Minister Steven Guilbeault says he’s not expecting pushback from Facebook as he moves ahead with proposed legislation that would force the company and other global online giants to pay Canadian news agencies for the content they use.


Ontario man battles Bell and contractor after worker uses power tool to clean his car

David Rooney

Bell Canada and its contractors are being blamed for causing property damage and failing to compensate homeowners. The time-consuming battles lead to headaches and frustration for those who now regret allowing the workers on their property. Experts explain why getting compensation is so hard.


Small gallery sees ‘Zoom art’ boom

Small gallery sees ‘Zoom art’ boom

A small art gallery in Collingwood, Ont., has seen a boom in sales during the pandemic and it’s at least in part from people buying ‘Zoom art’ to make video calls a little brighter.