Scientists figure out how to put the brakes on antimatter atoms

takamasa momose

Antimatter atoms get annihilated whenever they contact matter — which makes up everything. So how can you manipulate them in order to study them properly to understand our universe? A team of scientists say they’ve figured out a new way to do that using a special Canadian-built laser.


Trans Mountain pipeline expansion will lead to $11.9B in losses for Canada, study says

Impact Assessment Climate 20200716

A new study from researchers in B.C. estimates that Canada will lose $11.9 billion because of the Trans Mountain pipeline expansion project.


This Toronto neighbourhood comes together every year to make maple syrup

This Toronto neighbourhood comes together every year to make maple syrup

A Toronto neighbourhood comes together every year to produce its own neighbourhood maple syrup and then distribute it to residents in the St. Clair-Dufferin area. This year, with more people at home, there were more volunteers who were able to help — while staying distanced. CBC Toronto joined in on the fun. (Paul Borkwood/CBC)


How Vancouver-designed tugboats helped the Ever Given finally get unstuck

Egypt Suez Canal

Vancouver-based company Robert Allan Naval Architects and Marine Engineers designed six of the 14 tugboats that helped pull and push the giant freighter free in the Suez Canal.


Spawning-age mackerel at record lows in Atlantic Canada


Another grim picture of mackerel, a fish in or near the critical zone for a decade, has been released. The 2015 class that supported the commercial fishery is now almost all gone.


Climate change means even parts of Canada will need to prepare for stronger hurricanes, report suggests

Tropical Weather

When it comes to climate change, experts say few things have been as tricky to predict as its impact on hurricanes. However, a new report suggests that many regions affected by hurricanes will likely experience storms of greater intensity as a result of Earth’s changing climate.


Finance Department sees issues with Facebook’s digital currency, documents show


Internal Finance Department documents show officials have deep concerns about the effect of Facebook’s planned digital currency on Canada’s financial stability.


Facebook Canada head rejects idea of Australia-style news payment rules

Facebook Canada public policy Kevin Chan

The head of Facebook Canada told legislators on a Commons committee today that the company doesn’t want to pay publishers to use their content on the social media site.


COVID ‘fuse’ may have been lit weeks or months before the Wuhan market ‘bomb’


Instead of being the source of the pandemic, the seafood market outbreak likely amplified the human-to-human spread, new research has found.