Zoom-bombing Ontario courts rare but troubling, says task force chair


The co-chair of an Ontario task force on court e-hearings says the Zoom-bombing of a Brampton virtual courtroom on Tuesday is rare, but troubling. The Ministry of Attorney General is committing to reviewing the virtual court system with staff to “ensure the dignity and integrity of court proceedings.”


Ontario hikers stranded on ice floe rescued by OPP after drifting 3 km off shore

hikers ice floe

Ontario Provincial Police are celebrating after they were able to safely rescue a pair of hikers who were stranded on a piece of ice drifting into Georgian Bay Sunday afternoon.


Kenyan farmers are turning crop-eating locusts into sustainable animal feed


The Bug Picture is working with communities in Kenya to harvest the insects and mill them, turning them into protein-rich animal feed and organic fertilizer for farms.


Melting butter hard? Palm oil may be the culprit, says food researcher

Shutterstock - medium file

Many Canadians have struggled melting butter to room temperature. Food scientists say the reason for firm butter may be palm oil in cow feed.


Sask. government pledges $15M to VIDO-InterVac if feds also commit money for research facility


VIDO-InterVac is working to secure funds for a new Level 4 containment laboratory, which would allow researchers there to work with some of the most serious and deadly human and animal diseases.


Zoom bombers interrupt virtual court hearing with porn, swastikas


Peel Regional Police are investigating after a virtual court hearing involving Waterloo regional police was repeatedly interrupted Tuesday by Zoom bombers who hijacked the meeting and posted pornographic images and swastikas.


Nova Scotia Power to pull plug on tidal station, seeks $25M from ratepayers

Annapolis Tidal Generating Station

Nova Scotia Power wants ratepayers to pay $25 milion to write off the Annapolis Generating Station, the tidal power plant in Annapolis Royal, N.S., it is seeking to shut down.


Bone cancer survivor to join billionaire on SpaceX flight

Private Spaceflight

Bone cancer survivor Hayley Arceneaux will become the youngest American in space this fall when she rockets into orbit on SpaceX’s first private flight.


B.C. farmer grabs lynx by scruff of neck, scolds it for killing chickens

Lynx with Chris Paulson

A farmer in northern B.C. captured a wild cat he found in his chicken coop Sunday, picking it up by the scruff of the neck and gently scolding it before relocating it to the bush.


RCMP says most reports of child porn on Mindgeek’s platforms don’t meet legal threshold for charges

Pornhub 20201216

The RCMP says it’s investigating all claims about sexual abuse material being hosted by the Montreal-based company Mindgeek, but most of the referrals to date don’t meet the Criminal Code definition of child pornography.