How historical racism in science continues to shape the Black experience

Racism protest Black Lives Matter

Racism has been perpetuated under the guise of science for centuries, and the effects are still being felt today, during the COVID-19 pandemic.


E-bikes that look like motorcycles take another hit in B.C. Court of Appeal decision


The B.C. Court of Appeal has upheld a ruling that e-bikes designed to look and function more like mopeds or scooters do not meet the province’s definition of a motor-assisted cycle and therefore require a driver’s licence, registration and insurance.


Denmark’s climate goal too reliant on unproven tech, government council says

Netherlands Climate Summit

In 2020, Denmark set one of the most ambitious climate targets in the world but its government has yet to come up with a plan to achieve it.


Space fans crack secret message on NASA’s Mars parachute

Mars Landing Secret Message

The huge parachute used by NASA’s Perseverance rover to land on Mars contained a secret message, thanks to a puzzle lover on the spacecraft team.


How I made friends with a wild polar bear: a bear tracker explains a 20-year friendship

Dancer, a wild polar bear, visits tracker Dennis Compayre

“When a wild animal accepts you, it’s on equal ground,” say tracker Dennis Compayre


Bison roam in Waterton Park once again with small herd

Waterton Bison

Parks Canada is welcoming six plains bison to Waterton Lakes National Park, a move that is ecologically significant for the park and culturally significant for Indigenous communities in southern Alberta.


Ottawa backs $27M open-net salmon farm, ocean sensor project in Atlantic Canada

Aqua Maof Group Marystown sea cages

A Norwegian company’s proposal to open a salmon farm and hatchery in Placentia Bay, N.L., got a major boost Thursday from Canada’s OceanSupercluster, a federal innovation funding organization.


Prairie fireball was comet fragment burning up in Earth’s atmosphere

Shooting star Edmonton

The fireball that lit up the sky across the Prairies on Monday morning was a small piece of a comet that burned up in the atmosphere, researchers at the University of Alberta say.


Bill that aims to address environmental racism heads for debate in House of Commons

Kid climate change protester

In this week’s issue of our environment newsletter, we look at the effort to get the federal government to address environmental racism and the global energy consumption of bitcoin.


Delay in logging old-growth area helps endangered spotted owls in southern B.C. — for now

Spotted Owl Breeding 20190428

An agreement to delay logging of an old-growth stand of British Columbia forest is giving a one-year reprieve to one of Canada’s most endangered species.