Earth’s ice melt has sped up dramatically in past 30 years

Sea Ice Decline 20200921

Earth’s ice is melting 60 per cent faster today than in the mid-1990s, new research suggests.


Deep water temperatures hit ‘scary’ highs in Gulf of St. Lawrence

Magdalen Islands

A decade-long warming trend in the Gulf of St. Lawrence continued in 2020 with deep waters reaching record highs, according to ocean climate data released Tuesday by the Department of Fisheries and Oceans.


Canadian among private space crew paying $55M each to fly to station

International Space Station

The first private space station crew was introduced Tuesday: Three men, including a Canadian, who are each paying $55 million to fly on a SpaceX rocket.


Canada is on the hunt for coronavirus variants — but may not be able to keep up with outbreaks

Roberta Place LTC Barrie

Canada is on the hunt for highly contagious strains of the coronavirus, but experts say they could already be spreading across the country and we may not be able to keep up with surveillance as more outbreaks occur.


350-million-year-old rocks mistaken for suspicious package at Cape Breton University

Rugose coral fossils

A suspicious package left last week at Cape Breton University for the school’s president turned out to be nothing more than some 350-million-year-old rocks.


Plan to rebuild defence early-warning system means political, fiscal headaches for Trudeau government

Cold War Bunker Things To Know

A proposal to rebuild North America’s early warning defence network poses a host of new challenges — both political and fiscal — for the Trudeau government.


Wildlife rescue group says bird feeders could be spreading bacterial infection among songbirds

Pine Siskins at birdfeeder

The Wildlife Rescue Association of B.C. says bird feeders could be contributing to more bacterial infections affecting small songbirds called pine siskins.


Women jump on attacking lynx to save dog in Beaver Creek, Yukon

Heidi Warren and Jackson

Two women in Beaver Creek, Yukon, say they jumped on a lynx to pull it away from a dog it attacked on Saturday.


How pipelines went from engineering marvel to project non grata

In The News 20181109

Engineering projects once seen as monuments to human ingenuity are now lightning rods for climate change and a symbol of environmental catastrophe. So what’s changed in public perception and why?


New coronavirus variant may be more deadly — but more evidence is needed, U.K.’s chief scientist says


There is some evidence that a new coronavirus variant first identified in southeast England carries a higher risk of death .than the original strain, the British government’s chief scientific adviser said Friday — though he stressed that the data is uncertain