Cougar appears on trail camera northwest of Thunder Bay, Ont.

Cougar yawn

There has been another cougar photographed just outside of Thunder Bay, Ont. On Monday evening, an adult cougar showed up on trail camera owned by Adam Massaro.


International cybercops derail botnet used to extort, steal data around the globe for years

Malware Attacks

European and North American cybercops, including in Canada, have joined forces to disrupt what may be the world’s largest network for seeding malware infections.


Made-in-Canada coronavirus vaccine starts human clinical trials

COVID Vaccine Providence 20210126

A made-in-Canada vaccine to protect against COVID-19 began human clinical trials Tuesday in Toronto, says Providence Therapeutics, the biotechnology company that developed the vaccine.


Military eyes adaptive camouflage, self-repairing clothing for future troops


From chameleon-inspired camouflage to clothing that mends itself when damaged, the Department of National Defence is looking to outfit Canadian troops with next-level gear that provides better protection — and less detection — on the battlefield.


Panicked deer makes unexpected house call in Kamloops, B.C.

Deer in the house

Kamloops, B.C., resident Todd Mason was going to bed when he discovered a deer in his house. Mason eventually called the police for help.


Carved stone pillar found on B.C. beach identified as Indigenous artifact

Indigenous Artifact Found 20210127

A carved stone pillar found at low tide on a beach in Victoria last summer is an Indigenous cultural treasure, the Royal B.C. Museum has confirmed.


Research shows oceanic shark populations have dropped 71% since 1970

Faster Extinctions

Globally, the abundance of oceanic sharks and rays dropped more than 70 per cent between 1970 and 2018, according to a study published Wednesday in the journal Nature. Of the 31 species of sharks and rays, 24 are threatened with extinction. 


Canadian Space Agency using satellite data to track endangered right whales

Right Whale Policy 20200721

Through the smartWhales initiative, the federal government is investing $5.3 million to enhance Canada’s ability to detect and monitor the presence of North Atlantic right whales in Canadian waters.


Digital campaign aims to counter COVID-19 conspiracies, misinformation

Tim Caulfield

#ScienceUpFirst is a new digital campaign looking to flood social media sites with accurate, science-informed content.


Remember the whale that wowed Montrealers last spring? Its visit, death, remain a mystery

dead humpback whale

With Montrealers already feeling the weight of the early stages of the pandemic, a visit from a humpback whale in the St. Lawrence River last spring captured many hearts. Ultimately, it died, and questions about what happened still linger.