Federal government backs development of mini nuclear reactors with new action plan

Seamus O'Regan

Nuclear power is essential to meeting Canada’s climate-change goals, and developing portable mini nuclear reactors is a key part of that strategy, the federal energy minister said on Friday. 


How to make technology greener? Make it easier to repair, advocates say

Apple-Banged-Up Phones

Many of us are frustrated by how soon new high-tech devices like smartphones break or just don’t work well anymore, forcing us to replace them — a concept often called “planned obsolescence.” That cycle is also unsustainable, given the limited resources on Earth, advocates say. Here’s a closer look at the problem and how to fix it.


Slowing down big ships not enough to protect right whales from fatal strikes: study


Current speed restrictions for ships moving through Canadian waters will not prevent North Atlantic right whales from being killed if struck, according to new research that also determined smaller vessels are capable of deadly impacts. 


Ottawa submits progress report on protecting Wood Buffalo National Park, promises another $59M

Wood Buffalo National Park

The federal government has submitted a report to UNESCO, outlining how much progress it’s made on a 2019 action plan to protect Wood Buffalo National Park, a world heritage site.


Plastics are — by far — the main source of litter on N.L.’s beaches, audit finds

Nancy Pearson

A new report on 30 beaches around Newfoundland and Labrador has quantified the garbage on the province’s shores. The results are not surprising to one beachcomber.


Fisheries and Oceans Canada worries tuna quota set too high


ICCAT, the international body that governs tuna fishing, has set the quota for the bluefin tuna catch in the western Atlantic too high, says Fisheries and Oceans Canada.


B.C. lacks plans for rising seas and flooding, coastal adaptation researcher says

Kees Lokman

Parts of British Columbia could see massive losses if the province doesn’t start planning for flooding as ocean waters rise and storms surge due to climate change, says a researcher at UBC.


Conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn, dubbed ‘Christmas star,’ visible tonight

stargazing march 2020

A rare celestial event is making an already unique holiday season even more unusual as what’s been dubbed the “Christmas star” is set to appear over Canada on Monday evening, brighter than it’s been in nearly eight centuries.


‘Kind of incredible’: Researchers reveal details of mummified ice age wolf pup found in Yukon

Ice age wolf pup

A perfectly preserved ancient wolf pup found in Yukon in 2016 was likely seven weeks old when it died in its den 57,000 years ago and ate fish for its last meal, scientists who studied the rare find said as they shared some of their findings for the first time.


Rare house plants growing popular during COVID-19

Rare house plants growing popular during COVID-19

B.C. greenhouses say the pandemic has accelerated demand for unique varieties of tropical plants, as more people find themselves staying at home.