Young people taking climate change lawsuit to Federal Court of Appeal

canadian youth lawsuit climate change

A group of 15 young people will try again to have the courts force Ottawa to develop a climate recovery plan after it was denied by the Federal Court.


Get ready, Canada: Another test of emergency public alert system is coming to a screen or device near you

Emergency Alert newfoundland

Canadians across the country, except for those living in Nunavut, can expect to have their Wednesday interrupted by an emergency public alert that will be broadcast on television and radio and sent to compatible mobile devices as part of a nationwide test of the system.


Late-year detections of endangered right whales close multiple N.S. fisheries

Right Whale Policy 20200721

For the second time this month, Canada has ordered a temporary fishery closure in the Roseway Basin off southern Nova Scotia after multiple detections of endangered North Atlantic right whales in the area. It’s uncommon to see the whales in that area this late in the season.


Senator aims to curb ‘violent’ porn, pitches mandatory age verification for online sites

Britain Porn Block

Independent Quebec Sen. Julie Miville-Dechêne is calling for a crackdown on the consumption of online pornography by young people through new legislation that would force sites to verify the age of all users.


A low-carbon investment boom may be underway in Alberta and Saskatchewan


Even while the federal government’s new climate plan gets flak in some quarters for not moving fast enough, businesses in the heart of oil country see which way the wind is blowing.


Alberta researcher wins award for salt-coated mask innovation

COVID Salt Mask 20201124

Salt that crystallizes with sharp edges is the killer ingredient in the development of a reusable mask because any coronavirus droplets that land on it would be quickly destroyed, says a Canadian researcher who is being recognized for her innovation.


Fossil fuels to decline but remain big player in Canada’s energy use by 2050: report

Wheat Harvest 20201001

The Canada Energy Regulator says reaching net-zero emissions over the next 30 years will to require a much more aggressive transition away from oil and gas.


International ban on heavy fuel in Arctic shipping full of gaps: environmentalists

Arctic Fuel Ban 20200218

Environmental groups say a new ban on a highly polluting shipping fuel in Arctic waters is full of gaps and Canada should not make use of loopholes in the new regulations for heavy fuel oil.


COVID-19 lockdowns have little impact on rising greenhouse gas trend, UN agency warns

Election 2020-Pennsylvania-Fracking

Greenhouse gas concentrations climbed to a new record in 2019 and rose again this year despite an expected drop in emissions due to COVID-19 lockdowns, the World Meteorological Organization said on Monday, warning against complacency.


Cruel to be kind: New citizen patrols will scare Edmonton coyotes with sticks and tennis balls

Alberta coyote

Volunteers armed with tennis balls, sticks and cans filled with coins will be a new kind of soldier in the conservation battle to keep Alberta’s urban coyotes wild.