Elon Musk’s satellites now streaming to some rural N.B. homes

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Billionaire Elon Musk’s satellite internet service is now streaming to some homes in New Brunswick. Starlink has enlisted some households in rural areas of Canada and the northern U.S. to test the service before a full launch, possibly in mid-2021.


Is it possible to make a sustainable smartphone?


In this week’s issue of our environment newsletter, we look at Fairphone, who claim to make a sustainable smartphone, as well as the efforts to repurpose Alberta’s many inactive oil and gas wells for geothermal energy production.


Life on Venus? Recent finding hinting at life in the clouds questioned


In September, scientists announced they had found a chemical signature in the clouds of Venus that they said could be associated with life. But those results were questioned, and in a new follow-up study, the authors announced that the level of the chemical is seven times lower than they had initially reported.


Scientists urge federal government to ramp up conservation efforts in eastern Arctic

ice cap

A team of Canadian scientists is urging the federal government to step up its conservation efforts in the eastern Arctic to try and save some of the last remaining year-round sea ice and the undiscovered organisms that live within it. 


Fishing gear confirmed as major cause of right whale deaths

Right Whales

A major study of deaths of North Atlantic right whales has found that entanglement in fishing gear has become a leading cause of mortality.


T. Rex got huge via major teenage growth spurt: study


A close look at the bones of huge meat-eating dinosaurs, including Sue the T. Rex, reveals that some went through a major growth spurt, while others took decades longer to reach their gigantic adult size.


Feds to keep more bureaucrats at home, overhaul property portfolio to get to ‘net zero’ emissions

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Treasury Board President Jean-Yves Duclos will today release the federal government’s plans to drive down greenhouse gas emissions within the federal bureaucracy itself, with the goal of achieving “net zero” by 2050 through a radical restructuring of the government’s property and vehicle portfolio.


China blasts off on mission to collect moon rocks

China Moon Mission

China launched an ambitious mission on Tuesday to bring back rocks and debris from the moon’s surface for the first time in more than 40 years — an undertaking that could boost human understanding of the moon and of the solar system more generally.


N.S. company turning trash into fuel

N.S. company turning trash into fuel

Sustane Technologies Inc. in Chester, N.S., takes waste from a community landfill and turns it into biomass pellets and diesel fuel.


Manitoba has spent less than 9% of federal cash to cut greenhouse gas emissions

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Two years after both levels of government squabbled over the money, records obtained by the Opposition New Democrats show that roughly $5.9 million of Manitoba’s $67 million in climate change funding has been spent.