Owner of all-electric Nissan Leaf frustrated by difficulty of getting new battery

Clayton Brander

Three years ago, Clayton Brander of Powell River, B.C., bought a used 2013 Nissan Leaf, motivated by a keen interest in sustainability. He loves the electric vehicle, but the battery is starting to fade – and getting a new one has been difficult.  


Andy the hamster rescued from Yukon recycling depot after escaping from his cage

Andy the hamster

A hamster is safely home, after it  escaped its cage, ran into a cardboard box and was discovered in a Whitehorse recycling depot.


Rent a baby chick: Calgary business booms during pandemic as families seek new activities at home

Nanny McCluckin's Chick Hatching Experiences

A Calgary business that rents out chicken eggs so families can hatch them at home says the pandemic has put their eggs in high-demand. 


There could be lots of water on the moon, new studies suggest


The moon lacks the oceans and lakes that are a hallmark of Earth, but scientists said on Monday lunar water is more widespread than previously known. Water molecules are trapped within mineral grains on the surface, they said and more water may be hidden in ice patches residing in permanent shadows.


Cree hunters get new phone app to report harvest

Josh Moses hunting

The Cree Trappers Association launched the CTA Wildlife mobile app earlier this month for both iPhone and android phones. The information gathered will help better protect the populations of game, fish and waterfowl that Cree people like to harvest, according to the CTA. 


Canadians interacting and travelling much less during pandemic, cellphone data study shows

Shutterstock - medium file Smart Phone

Canadians dramatically altered their behaviour by permanently reducing their interactions with others even as they began moving around more during the pandemic, a new study of cellphone data suggests.


‘A little princess’: Meet Maci, the 1st Canadian dog to test positive for COVID-19


Maci, a four-year-old poodle-bichon from the Niagara Region, is the first Canadian dog to test positive for COVID-19.


More ropeless fishing happening on Eastern seaboard as industry leaders meet

right whale entangled (international fund for animal welfare)

As leaders in ropeless fishing met virtually this week, experts acknowledge that this technology is just one step in helping to save the endangered North Atlantic right whale.


RCMP used covert search and surveillance powers before arresting high-level intelligence official

RCMP Secrets 20191022

The RCMP obtained more than two dozen court-ordered warrants and authorizations over a 15-month period prior to and after the arrest of Cameron Ortis, then the director general of its National Intelligence Co-ordination Centre.


100,000 under evacuation orders as strong winds fan California wildfire

APTOPIX California Wildfires

A fast-moving wildfire forced evacuation orders for 100,000 people in Southern California on Monday as powerful winds across the state prompted power to be cut to hundreds of thousands to prevent utility equipment from sparking new blazes.