Why Nova Scotia wants to poison a lake to kill off invasive species

N.S. may poison lake to rid invasive species

Nova Scotia says chemicals are a last-ditch effort to stop the invasive smallmouth bass from entering the St. Marys River system.


Women on Arctic research mission told not to wear tight-fitting clothing

Polarstern near North Pole

A reporter embedded with the year-long Arctic MOSAiC mission said women were told wearing tight or revealing clothing would pose a “safety issue” while spending months at sea with men.


Canadian astronomers contend with issue of Indigenous consent over Hawaiian telescope project

Hawaii telescope protests

The Canadian astronomy community has named the controversial Thirty Meter Telescope its top facilities priority for the decade ahead while also recommending the creation of a policy focused on Indigenous consent in a section of its new long range planning document.


The Greens roll out some big policy ideas — and expect other parties to steal them

Green Party leadership candidates

As online voting opens today for the Green Party leadership, 35,000 registered members are getting a chance to decide who will help shape that policy. Here is a look at some of the policies that could gain traction among the party’s grassroots membership.


Male baboons with female friends live longer

Baboon grooming

The benefits of companionship and what that could mean for stress and health can provide as much as two years of extra life.


Preventing the loss of Arctic ice by spraying it with glass

Field ice

Bob McDonald’s blog: engineers want to make Arctic ice more reflective by coating it with glass. But it’s a temporary solution that could, at best, just buy us more time.


‘We can’t just be preaching to the choir’: Why youth climate activists are taking to the streets amid pandemic

Mitzi Jonelle Tan

The fight to protect the environment isn’t over just because the pandemic has put life on pause, says a young B.C. climate activist who is taking part in Friday’s physically distanced global climate protest in a bid to get the cause back in the spotlight.


New homeowner ‘freaked out’ when stranger took control of her security system

Taylor Fornell

A new homeowner discovers a stranger can disarm the alarm, unlock windows and doors and track when she comes and goes from her new house. Security and privacy experts say the situation is the result of weak laws and cancellation policies written to benefit companies instead of protecting customers.


Teenage British activist stages climate protest on Arctic ice floe


Armed with a placard reading ‘Youth Strike for Climate,’ an 18-year-old British activist is staging the most northerly protest in a series of youth strikes worldwide.


2020 could be on track to be another record-setting warm year, despite global lockdowns​​​​​​​

Climate change protest Uganda

There was some hope that a reduction in carbon emissions due to the COVID-19 lockdown could be the silver lining to a tragic situation, but it’s unlikely to make a dent in the upward trend of Earth’s rising temperatures, as the planet recorded its second-warmest August on record.