Hearings begin for lawsuit filed by young Canadians against Ottawa over climate change


More than a dozen young Canadian activists claim Ottawa has violated their fundamental rights by contributing to the warming planet, and demanding a national plan to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.


‘Never seen anything like that’: Yukoner’s dashcam captures brighter-than-usual meteor

Mount Lorne Yukon meteor

A woman from Mount Lorne, Yukon, recorded a video of what one space science expert says appears to be a meteor travelling across part of the sky.


Calgary rocket scientists shoot for the stars with new hybrid technology

U OF C rocket science

Rocket technology is being developed in Calgary that could put Canada on the global space economy map.


New measurements show moon has hazardous radiation levels

Moonshots Radiation

Future moon explorers will be bombarded with two to three times more radiation than astronauts aboard the International Space Station, a health hazard that will require thick-walled shelters for protection, scientists reported Friday.


Pay gap between male and female professors continues to plague Canadian universities

University of Alberta

Preliminary data from Statistics Canada reveals a persistent gender wage gap at Canadian universities.


Grizzly bear relocated after roaming through streets of Squamish

Squamish grizzly bear

An elderly grizzly bear has been captured and relocated after wandering through a neighbourhood in Squamish, B.C.


Berry-picking Alberta bears can’t compete with the salmon-slammin’ big boys in Alaska

Black bear Jasper

It’s calorie crunch time for bears as hibernation season draws near but even the most determined Alberta bear can’t pack on the pounds like their chonky brethren in Alaska.


Salty ponds found on Mars suggest stronger prospect of life on red planet, scientists say

Mars Ponds

A network of salty ponds may be gurgling beneath the South Pole on Mars, alongside a large underground lake. Scientists say this raises the prospect of tiny, swimming Martian life.


Canada, Britain, EU pledge to protect 30% of land, sea by 2030 to stop ‘catastrophic’ biodiversity loss


Britain and Canada on Monday joined the European Union in pledging to protect 30 per cent of their land and seas by 2030 to stem “catastrophic” biodiversity loss and help galvanize support for broader agreement on the target ahead of a United Nations summit.


Greta Thunberg and youth climate protests return

Sweden Climate Protest

Teenage environmental activist Greta Thunberg joined fellow demonstrators outside the Swedish parliament on Friday to kick off a day of physically distanced global climate protests.