Climate change creating vast new glacial lakes, with risk of ‘gargantuan’ floods, researcher says

Bow Glacier in Banff National Park

Meltwater from shrinking glaciers is creating vast lakes that could eventually pose an enormous flooding threat, says newly published research.


CRA’s handling of COVID-19 benefit cyberattacks ‘reprehensible,’ alleges proposed class-action lawsuit

Ally Scott, 19, is one of three lead plaintiffs alleging she was a victim of the CRA cyberattack.

If you applied for financial help during the COVID-19 pandemic under the CERB and CESB benefits programs, you might have had your identity stolen — and you’re included in a proposed class-action lawsuit aimed at getting some compensation.


Weasel family sets up home in Churchill Health Centre

Weasels at Churchill Health Centre

Some unexpected visitors weaselled their way into the Churchill Health Centre this week.


Manitoba wildlife rehabilitation centre gets donation of state-of-the-art disinfecting robot

Lytbot at Wildlife Haven Rehabilitation Centre

The Wildlife Haven Rehabiltation Centre was gifted a Lytbot disinfection and electrostatic portable sprayer, which emits UV lights to disinfect surfaces.


B.C. rescuers, experts concerned about condition of 3 entangled humpbacks

humpback whale b.c.

Marine mammal specialists and whale rescue groups say they’re not sure how much fishing gear three entangled humpback whales spotted off the coast of British Columbia are still carrying, leaving experts worried.


Black bear approaches, taps runner on popular Coquitlam trail

Coquitlam Crunch Black Bear encounter August 29, 2020

Conservation officers say they will try to trap a black bear that was filmed on Saturday tapping a runner with its paw on a popular trail in B.C.’s Lower Mainland.


Expedition to North Pole paints picture of Arctic climate change

Scientists in teh field

The expedition’s easy journey from Greenland to the North Pole is another indicator of how the Arctic is impacted by climate change more than anywhere else on Earth, writes CBC’s northern meteorologist.


Judge won’t force Apple to restore Fortnite game but can’t block Unreal Engine from powering apps


A federal judge on Monday blocked Apple Inc. from shutting down an Epic Games tool that’s relied upon by hundreds of other app makers but had become the subject of an antitrust battle between the companies.


Mammal relative learned to hibernate before Age of Dinosaurs


The tusks of a stoutly built plant-eating mammal relative that inhabited Antarctica 250 million years ago are providing the oldest-known evidence that animals resorted to hibernation-like states to get through lean times such as polar winters.


Hyperloop feasibility study for Edmonton-Calgary route gets provincial backing

TransPod Hyperloop

Toronto-based TransPod has signed an agreement with the Alberta government that will see the province support the firm’s early efforts to advance development of an ultra-high-speed transportation line between Calgary and Edmonton.