The worthy colour palette

The BLUE song

Ever seen the playful surfers ride the waves

In the pristine blue waters?

Or sensed the fragrance off of  

A handsome bouquet of purple cherry-pies?

Maybe you have not!

And maybe it’s time you didn’t

Miss out anymore.

On the scents of a freshly bloomed flower.

Learn to let go!

Learn anew

The marvel of the dazzling blue.

EARTHY verses

The burnt clay hues pop out of the earth

It marvels at the green

That reside, side by side.

The earthworms crawl, with a hint of a sigh

Butterflies flutter, on a bright morning sky.

Mocha, a colour with many distinctions

Is my favourite!

A calm that is deserving, justified

And considerate.

Luscious GREEN

I wet my paint brush

With a dollop of oil.

And all I can master

On a clear canvas

Is the mad fluttering of the foliage.

The swaying of the dewdrops

On sharp blades of pine green.

Passionate RED and BLUE

Two of my favourite colours —

Red and blue.

Whisper sweet nothings of passion.

Breathing love into my very being!

Red for me is the colour of love,

And blue — the ever familiar.

A Moscato,

Of raisins and table grapes.

Model: Sonia Yeasmin Isha


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