The Thami and Hadi bride

Tenzing Chakma seems to have taken the lead in this arena, especially with his latest and superb collection of wedding wear for the bride and her entourage. Chakma believes in dressing the entire family unit during any wedding ceremony because it helps in cherishing the memories of a priceless family bonding.

“I have seen so many people struggle to match with the bride,” said Chakma. And with this very idea in mind, he highlights all the ladies in his latest collection — from the bride to her bridesmaids.

In his Wedding Collection for 2020, Chakma highlights his native culture with an abundance of bespoke Thami and Hadi as couture wear.

“We are on the verge of losing our heritage. With the latest wedding collection, I have tried to revive some of our past cultures,” stated Chakma.

For those who are keen on fusion and lean more towards a more global approach to fashion, Chakma does not disappoint. His exquisite wedding collection also includes awe inspiring ‘komor taant lahenga’ with exclusive zardoziembellishments in every colour imaginable.

“I have tried to make something for everyone, whilst keeping the culture intact. In most of my designs, one will be able to see an abundance of silver jewellery known as ‘halchhora,’ also recognised as ‘shita haar’ in other regions,” said Tenzing Chakma.

With an abundance of styles in the basic, black and red combination for Thami and Hadi, Chakma also experiments with unique colours like maroon, blood red, and even flamingo pink.

In conversation with Star Lifestyle, the designer revealed that the red and black blends are the authentic wedding colours for the Chakma bride, but people nowadays love experimenting with other colours, especially ones that match with their personalities.

In order to savour the past and keep the novelty alive, he has designed interesting versions of the authentic styles, for the bridesmaids.

“After all, designing is all about the perfect blend of creativity, experimentation and dedication to one’s own cultural roots,” concluded Chakma.

Here’s to wishing all our readers a happy and safe wedding season!

Lots of Love.

Photographer: Hill Valley Productions

Models: Brishty, Upoma, Junjuni, Arpa, Riti, Yashodhara, Sunetra

Wardrobe: Sozpodor by

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