Bangladesh to get its first space observatory in Faridpur

The government is all set to build the "Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman Space Observatory Centre", the first of its kind in the country, at Bhanga Upazila of Faridpur. The centre is being set up with all modern facilities for observing the space with telescopes at a cost of Tk 213 crores. The project is expected…

Make Science Great Again: US researchers dream of life after Trump

From his lab in Toulouse, France, Benjamin Sanderson models the range of extreme risks to humans from climate change, research he hopes can inform policymakers planning for worsening wildfires and floods. It is the kind of work he once performed in the United States - and hopes to again soon. Sanderson is among dozens of…

On the moon, water water everywhere and not a drop to drink (yet)

The moon lacks the bodies of liquid water that are a hallmark of Earth but scientists said on Monday lunar water is more widespread than previously known, with water molecules trapped within mineral grains on the surface and more water perhaps hidden in ice patches residing in permanent shadows. While research 11 years ago indicated…

Rooppur Power Plant: Unloading of key machines begins at Mongla Port

Authorities started unloading a nuclear reactor and a steam generator -- key components of the first unit of Rooppur Nuclear Power Plant -- at jetty number 9 of Mongla Port in Bagerhat today. Rear Admiral M Shahjahan, Chairman, Mongla Port Authority confirmed the development to our local correspondent. A ship carrying the equipment reached Mongla…

Telescopes capture supermassive black hole devouring star

Astronomers have captured the moment a supermassive black hole shredded a star the size of our Sun, releasing images Monday showing the devastating process in unprecedented detail. Using telescopes from the European Southern Observatory (ESO), they were able to monitor light flaring from the process -- known as a tidal disruption event -- from a…