The heat of the night is when you can really feel climate change in Calgary

Harvest moonrise

Researchers say it’s one of the more tangible effects of climate change: Like the Arctic is warmer faster than the Equator, the nights in Calgary are heating up more than the days.


Researchers log 34 waterspouts in ‘outbreak’ over Lake Huron


The International Centre for Waterspout Research says waterspouts aren’t unusual – but there are a few reasons why people are seeing more right now.


More than 300 properties evacuated, thousands on alert as wildfire grows in B.C.’s Okanagan

Christie Mountain fire

An evacuation order has been issued for residents of 319 properties near a quickly growing wildfire that broke out Tuesday afternoon north of Okanagan Falls, B.C., while residents of thousands of homes in Penticton have been put on notice.


More than 70 new wildfires reported in B.C. after dry lightning

Pemberton Valley fire

More than 70 new wildfires have broken out in B.C. in the past two days amid sweltering heat in parts of the province.


U.S. approves oil, gas leasing plan for Alaska wildlife refuge

Arctic Refuge

The Trump administration on Monday took another step to opening Alaska’s Arctic National Wildlife Refuge to drilling for oil and gas, potentially fulfilling a decades-long dream for Republicans.


Highest temperature on Earth in more than 100 years recorded at Death Valley


A thermometer at Death Valley’s Furnace Creek in the Southern California desert has soared to 54.4 C (130 F), the highest global temperature in more than a century, the U.S. National Weather Service said.


Music lessons in a pandemic: How one Edmonton company is offering AI-led music courses

Greg Burlet

To make up for difficulties aspiring musicians face in not being able to attend lessons in person, AI Music Lessons uses artificial intelligence to teach music.


Victims of CRA hackers vulnerable to other cyberattacks: experts


Thousands of Canadians affected by recent attacks on the Canada Revenue Agency and federal government computer systems could be vulnerable to other attacks, warn cybersecurity and privacy experts.


Rare white orca sighted off Alaskan coast


A rare white orca was spotted off the southeast coast of Alaska earlier this month, creating excitement for researchers and whale watchers alike.


Search and rescue test sonar technology to locate human bodies under water


AquaEye is a handheld, underwater scanner that uses sonar and artificial intelligence to detect human bodies underwater. Search and rescue groups and the RCMP tested the device at Pigeon Lake, Alta., but were disappointed to learn it didn’t work as well in Prairie waters as it did in the lakes of British Columbia.