Fishermen in B.C. catch a barracuda far from home

Tyler Vogrig with barracuda

A commercial fisherman knew he was staring at a fish out of place when a barracuda landed in his net on Vancouver Island, far from its typical habitat in southern California.


Hummingbirds can count to find favourite flowers, even with brains 7,000 times smaller than humans


How can hummingbirds find their preferred flowers? By counting, say researchers. Andrew Hurly, a professor emeritus in biology at the University of Lethbridge, is one of the co-authors of a new study into hummingbird cognition.


Ethiopia begins filling Nile dam after Grand Renaissance talks with Egypt and Sudan stall


Ethiopia has started filling the Grand Renaissance dam, a giant hydroelectric project it is building on the Blue Nile, its water minister said on Wednesday, a day after talks with Sudan and Egypt on the issue became deadlocked.


This bird can fly 160 kilometres without flapping its wings

Andean condor

A new study sheds light on just how efficiently the world’s largest soaring bird rides air currents to stay aloft for hours without flapping its wings.


Biden, Obama, tech moguls’ Twitter accounts hacked in apparent bitcoin scam

Twitter hack

A series of high-profile Twitter accounts were hijacked on Wednesday, and the social media company took the extraordinary step of preventing at least some verified accounts from publishing messages altogether.


Huawei doesn’t need the West to become major player in 5G, says security expert


The United Kingdom has joined other Western countries in banning Chinese tech giant Huawei from participating in its 5G network, but one journalist says the company can become powerful without them.


Seeing nature through Indigenous ‘lens’ might improve environmental decision-making

Steven Nitah

As various levels of government become more serious about climate change, there has been heightened interest in incorporating Indigenous knowledge in that effort.


Wolf culls will not save endangered caribou in Western Canada, new study finds

Caribou protection

A government-sponsored wolf kill in Western Canada has had “no detectable effect” on reversing the decline of endangered caribou populations, a study says.


B.C. RCMP officer suspended over racially offensive content posted on Facebook

Dustin Dahlman

An RCMP officer in B.C. has been suspended and has resigned from the force after members of the public complained about posts on his Facebook account criticizing the Black Lives Matter movement that they say are racially insensitive. He says he’s being punished for a difference of opinion and plans to fight the suspension.


Parks Canada staff forced to euthanize two wolves in one week

Wolf Management Minnesota

Parks Canada staff have had a difficult July in Banff. They’ve had to euthanized two wolves in under a week.