Filling snack for every break

You can’t just go back to sleep and you can’t just ignore the hunger either. It’s too late to cook anyway and let’s face it, who wants to cook at 1AM? What if we had a solution for times just like this?

The Bisk Club Potata biscuit is ready to dance this tango with you. The appealing red pack says — “Spicy flavoured biscuit” — and you’ll have no doubt about it as soon as you bite into one of the biscuits. The thin layered pieces resemble the potato chips that we’ve come to love. The seasoning is blended well with spices and wonderfully savoury.

It just might be that you are in a hurry and you need a quick and filling breakfast. Or, you just want to keep munching on something while you discuss exactly what happened at the end of ‘Tenet’ (it was a Christopher Nolan movie after all). Either way, Potata biscuit will handle that issue with the cracker-like pieces and its potato-based morsels. The spicy flavour is a zigzag ride on the sway of potato with a punch of herbs.

While potato chips were strictly made for your tastebuds, you can absorb that same flavour in Potata biscuit. Only this time, it’s actually helpful for your hunger.

The dry pieces are perfect for midnight munchies or in the afternoon. The pieces are well seasoned and crispy; with a lingering taste of biscuit and it does the job of a filling snack surprisingly well. Since it’s a dry food and easy to handle, you can eat while you write or type so you don’t need to waste any time in search of food while you work on your assignment.

The packs are stacked with enough pieces to ensure that your immediate hunger is well satisfied. Enough for two people without any doubt. While chips run out quickly and leaves you wanting more, this 100g pack will not run out so easily with 50 biscuits stacked in two chambers.

Whether it’s for office, a road trip or just a snack in your backyard, you can rely on Potata biscuits. It’s the first of its kind in Bangladesh. You’ve tried all sorts of cookies and crisps. Why not give this unique flavour a try?

If you are not much of a sweet tooth and not overly interested in biscuits because of their sweet taste, you should definitely try Potata of Bisk Club. The spicy flavour in a biscuit is an imaginative taste in a biscuit that can rival even that of cookies. And it’s so convenient to carry and handle that it’s well suited for any snack situation that you can think of.

Group Studies, weekly meetings of your local chess club or are you sitting with your monopoly board? Are you busy playing the good old Age of Empire? Or are you waiting for the BBQ to be done? Whatever your situation is, if you are hungry and in the mood for a snack, this is your pick.

Photo: Sazzad Ibne Sayed

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