Unmasking the forest thieves: JS body to make list of 90,000 forest grabbers public

The parliamentary standing committee on environment has decided to make public the list of 90,000 individuals and organisations, who have grabbed around 2.87 lakh acres of forestland across the country. The parliamentary watchdog came up with the decision at its meeting at the Jatiya Sangsad Bhaban on Monday. The environment, forest and climate change ministry…

UN roundtable on climate: PM places 5-point recommendation to protect planet

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina today placed a five-point recommendation to protect the planet and save people from the adversities of the climate changes. "To protect the planet and ourselves I'd suggest political leadership must encourage robust international collaboration; the global temperature increase must be limited to 1.5 degree Celsius and all Paris provisions must be…

Global climate activists urge Japan to stop financing coal plant in Matarbari

In an online rally today, climate activists across the globe urged Japan's new Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga's administration to stop financing dirty coal power plants in Bangladesh, as those would worsen the country's climate crisis and destroy communities' livelihood. Over a hundred climate activists from Bangladesh, India, Japan, the UK, Australia, the Philippines and Germany…

Fish consumption could be the answer to malnourishment in Bangladesh

Bangladesh is currently considered among the top 10 fish producing countries in the world. The country has found tremendous success in freshwater aquaculture with an increased rate of production over the last decade. With more hilsa production and increased harvest of marine fisheries, it is possible to continue to increase the overall production volume and…

Bangladesh, US for joint efforts to develop inclusive blue economy

Bangladesh and the United States have discussed ways to develop an inclusive blue economy by working together, sharing knowledge, data and ideas, building greater capacity and enhancing professional collaboration. The Bangladesh side expressed hope that the US government would provide the government of Bangladesh with fish detecting technology, either through satellite or sonar, and transferring…