I never expected to be treated like this: Tapan Chowdhury

Renowned musician Tapan Chowdhury has been living in Canada for a long time, but he often visits Bangladesh for his musical commitments. He decided to stay in Canada for the safety of his family during the pandemic, but after receiving an invitation to sing at the celebrations for the golden jubilee of Bangladesh's independence, he…

Shooting during lockdown: The directors’ perspective

Directors' Guild Bangladesh is allowing shoots from 6 am to 6 pm during this lockdown. "Around 5,000 individuals work behind the camera during a shoot. Stopping shoots would mean putting them out of work," says  noted actor and director Salauddin Lavlu, President of the guild. "Last time, we all had to work together to ensure…

Duronto TV's 15th season to air on April 11

Duronto TV is stepping into its 15th season on April 11, 2021, Sunday with four new programmes, four new cartoon series, and one foreign programme along with the regular programmes. The new programmes include the third season of "Ma-Babai Shera", "Amar Shonar Bangla", the third season of "Ultapulta: Baba Thake Bashay" and "Adbhuture Boighor". On…

“#Kobe?” trends on social media, Chorki dropping on June 3

Exciting video streaming platform Chorki has announced its date of release to be on June 3. The platform officially announced the unveiling of its operations on its Facebook page last night. A star-studded video, containing glimpses of its content, became a much talked about phenomenon on social media. Stars being featured on the platform promoted…