Black scientists around the world are calling for action, equality and representation

Corina blue shirt

After a woman walking in Central Park falsely accused a Black man of assaulting her, social media erupted in support of the scientist who was simply birdwatching causing anger, outrage — and action. Now, Black scientists from around the world are taking part, promoting their work and calling for change.


Countries’ new carbon-cutting pledges are nowhere near enough, UN says

UN Climate

The newest pledges by countries to cut greenhouse gas emissions are falling far short of what’s needed to limit global warming to what the Paris climate accord seeks, a new United Nations report finds.


Horses can learn from rodeo experience and grow calmer, says U of C study

Calgary Stampede saddle bronc event

Rodeo fans love the thrill of a bronc exploding into the ring, cowboy temporarily aboard. How the horse feels about it hasn’t been so clear.


The wolves are literally at the door in Port Hope Simpson

wolf tracks

One dog sledder says “brazen” wolves have come right up to his home to steal seal meat this winter, while the Department of Fisheries, Forest, and Agriculture is encouraging residents to keep pets indoors as much as possible.


Canada’s spy agency wants more power. How would that work?


The agency he runs fell afoul of the Federal Court — and now the country’s chief spy is intensifying his campaign for new powers and sounding the alarm on the Canadian Security Intelligence Service’s ability to keep an eye on hostile foreign states. But civil liberty advocates say Parliament should be wary if it agrees to change CSIS’s legislation.


Canada’s pipeline regulator says it’s taking a stand against systemic racism

COVID Energy Projects 20200426

The Canada Energy Regulator says it hasn’t always lived up to its obligations to First Nations, Métis and Inuit, and it’s promising to change that.


Facebook’s action in Australia ‘proves’ the need for regulation, says Heritage Minister Steven Guilbeault

Guilbeault CRTC 20200130

Heritage Minister Steven Guilbeault says he’s not expecting pushback from Facebook as he moves ahead with proposed legislation that would force the company and other global online giants to pay Canadian news agencies for the content they use.


Ontario man battles Bell and contractor after worker uses power tool to clean his car

David Rooney

Bell Canada and its contractors are being blamed for causing property damage and failing to compensate homeowners. The time-consuming battles lead to headaches and frustration for those who now regret allowing the workers on their property. Experts explain why getting compensation is so hard.


Small gallery sees ‘Zoom art’ boom

Small gallery sees ‘Zoom art’ boom

A small art gallery in Collingwood, Ont., has seen a boom in sales during the pandemic and it’s at least in part from people buying ‘Zoom art’ to make video calls a little brighter.


How historical racism in science continues to shape the Black experience

Racism protest Black Lives Matter

Racism has been perpetuated under the guise of science for centuries, and the effects are still being felt today, during the COVID-19 pandemic.